Exclusive Loud Speaker Boxes

Laser technology for the perfect combination of sound and design

A very interesting laser application is the manufacture of premium loud speaker boxes. In our sample we used 18 mm multiplex boards that were cut to shape with 650 watts on the M-1600 laser system. Each box consists of 35 single pieces which are put together in layers to form the body. The struts and boreholes needed to increase stability and for the installation of the technical components were lasered at the same time. The material, the special shape and the bracing afforded by the struts mean there is minimum susceptibility to vibration which, of course, guarantees optimum sound experience.

Overview of the benefits:

High level of repeatability
High level of repeatability
Extremely fine details possible
Extremely fine details possible
Laser cut pieces on the processing table
Laser cut pieces on the processing table
  • Thanks to the tactile focus tracking uneven materials can also be processed with consistent quality
  • No dust or chippings
  • Less material wastage and extremely fine details possible
  • No clamping of the material required
  • Consistent cutting quality

Using a laser cutting system really pays off when it comes to special or small series production. Short preparation times are an outstanding feature of the laser system. There is no time-consuming setting up and clamping of the workpiece.

The material is not damaged or displaced. Precision cutting minimised fitting tolerances. Offer your customers exclusiveness that pays off for you as well!

Laser cut MDF pieces
Speaker Box of MDF
Speaker Box from the inside

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