Laser Cutter Machine XL-1200 for wood

- the ideal cutting machine for big sizes in high quality!

With the laser cutting and engraving machine XL-1200 eurolaser offers the possibility to process extremely broad materials on a comparatively small system. The processing area is 2.270 x 1.230 mm (48,4 "x 89,3"). With the optional camera recognition system which is also available for other systems the production flow can be automated, leading to an increased economy of the laser processing.

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Dimensions of Laser Cutter Machine XL-1200

Technical specifications of Laser Cutter Machine XL-1200:

Working area (w x l):
Dimensions (w x l x h):

Max. material width:
Material clearance:
Laser power:
Laser source:

2,270 mm x 1,230 mm (89.3" x 48.4")
3,670 mm x 2,010 mm x 1,600 mm
(144.4" x 79.1" x 62.9")
2,582 mm (101.6")
15 - 55 mm (without material support)
60 to 650 watt
1 - 1,414 mm/s (in steps of 1 mm)
max. 14.1 m/s² (555"/s²)

Which options do we offer you?

Woodworking with laser machines by eurolaser

The modular design enables eurolaser systems to be specially configured to suit every requirement. We analyze your requirements and configure the laser machine individually for you.

Filigree cuts without damaging the material
Filigree cuts
Exact inlays from veneer
Veneer inlays
High quality relief engravings
Table concept Honey-Comb for thin wood processing
Table concept PIN Concept for solid wood processing


Special table concepts are needed for ideal wood machining. Thin wooden materials, such as veneers, MDF and plywood < 10 mm thick are cut on an aluminum frame similar to Honey-Comb. For cutting stamped outlines or solid timber > 10 mm in thickness, it is preferable to use the PIN concept. This comprises stable brass or PMMA locating pins and provides for perfect machining with increased smoke emissions.

We select laser power, machining surface and optional automation systems to suit your requirements. To do this, we refer to our test results with your material and our experience from more than 10,000 application samples.

Automated processes for your laser machine

Higher productivity, more economical working - save time and money

Shuttle Table System

This enables loading and unloading of the machining table during laser machining and demonstrably delivers an increase in efficiency of up to 75% when using a laser system.


Remote Operation

The software-controlled division of the work area allows laser system operation on alternate sides. This enables production to be continued on the opposite side while removing and reloading material.


Optional extras

Customized options simplify everyday tasks and increase your possibilities

POSITIONplus - Optical Recognition System

Automatic camera detection enables printed materials to be cut out precisely along the printed outline. Even copying tolerances in the printed format can be compensated by software control.


Mechanical Machining

Mechanical tool heads can be installed parallel to the laser, giving you the option to use tools such as milling cutters or knives. A valuable extension to your machining options with just one system technology.


PICTUREplus - Raster Engraving Unit

This optional equipment allows machining of image files and production of both 2D-images and 3D-reliefs. Engraving is possible with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi and in 256 shades of grey.


Exhaust and filter units

Suction devices are selected to match your application and the table concept of your laser system. This guarantees complete emission extraction above and below the material.


Cooling units

The high-quality energy efficient cooling units are fitted with electronic temperature controllers and monitoring systems, so that they always control ideal conditions for laser beam sources, in order to guarantee constant performance.


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