Optional extras

Customized options simplify everyday tasks and increase your possibilities

We offer various additional moduls for all systems which can be integrated into your processing environment – strictly according to your application.
Our options increase the product quality and the flexibility in your production. They are designed according to the market requirements and are therefore an sensible supplement to the comprehensive basic configuration. In addition the options may lead to the generation of synergies, expanding your market position.
Retrofitting is also possible for many options – just contact us!

POSITIONplus - Optical Recognition System

Automatic camera detection enables printed materials to be cut out precisely along the printed outline. Even copying tolerances in the printed format can be compensated by software control.


Mechanical Machining

Mechanical tool heads can be installed parallel to the laser, giving you the option to use tools such as milling cutters or knives. A valuable extension to your machining options with just one system technology.


PICTUREplus - Raster Engraving Unit

This optional equipment allows machining of image files and production of both 2D-images and 3D-reliefs. Engraving is possible with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi and in 256 shades of grey.


Label Module

Label your individual pieces quickly and in a single operation for further processing. Or mark your products with your brand logo.


Ink Printer Module

Label your work pieces or stick-on labels directly with the precise Ink Printer Module. The high resolution makes it possible to print fine writing and graphics.


Ink Marker Module

The compressed air controlled jet system applies ink markings to the material.



With this option, you can simplify the alignment operation for a multitude of tasks with a clearly visible red light beam.


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