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eurolaser FACTS

As a specialist in CO2 laser systems, eurolaser stands for high-tech and quality made in Germany. Would you like to find out more about our know-how and machine quality? We have compiled some information for you here.



Laser cutting of acrylics

When it comes to processing acrylics, eurolaser CO2 laser cutter are the ideal tool. We are able to cut and engrave extruded and cast acrylic glass with the highest precision for excellent results.



Laser cutting for Soft Signage

Large format polyester textiles for Soft Signage applications can be excellently cut by eurolaser. Precise cutting true to contour even for textiles that go beyond the processing area is just one of the many benefits. Find out more now!



We are vaccinated

Our team was successfully vaccinated against COVID-19 by our company physician. We are very pleased to have taken another step towards normality. This means that we will be able to welcome guests and customers again in the future and allow our employees to travel to our customers with a clear conscience.



Laser cutting of filters

Filter materials can be excellently cut by large-format laser systems. Further benefits of laser technology are the high precision as well as the distortion-free cut, thanks to contact-free processing. Learn more about your advantages with eurolaser.




Laser cutting of protective equipment (PPE)

When mechanical processing methods reach their limits, the laser is in demand! Lasers cut e.g. aramid fabrics and other technical textiles - completely contactless. The fray-free cut with sealed cut edges ensures optimal results.




Laser cutting of industrial foam

When it comes to cutting and engraving foams for industry, precision and efficiency are key - properties where the laser outperforms comparable tools! Find out about the advantages of laser processing here.




eurolaser Competence Centers near you

eurolaser customers can be found worldwide and the demand for high-quality laser cutters is currently increasing around the globe. For this reason, we are constantly expanding our international presence. Most recently, a demo room in Portugal was added with eurolaser Iberia.



Demo center in Portugal opens on April 22nd

Stop by and be inspired by the informative program. eurolaser Iberia has a lot prepared for you! On April 22nd, the Open Day in Santa Maria de Feira starts at 9:00 a.m. – whether on-site or just virtually is up to you.



Experience from application: Laser cutting instead of sticky tools

Clean tools and maximum accuracy: The use of laser machines to cut adhesive tapes and adhesive films offers clear advantages over conventional methods. Companies that specialize in customized processing of adhesive tapes are increasingly relying on automated cutting solutions from eurolaser in Lüneburg.


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